Electrical Engineering

In your successful and growing business, energy is the lifeblood of your facility. Paragon understand that your energy needs are as unique as your business. We will partner with you to develop or improve your energy system to meet your growth potential.

Paragon has experience designing a wide array of energy systems including:

  • Small and large services ranging from 100 kW up to 8 MW
  • Distribution systems
  • Utility interconnections
  • Co-generation plants
  • Standby power
  • Control systems for managing power
  • Power factor correction
  • Real-time energy management systems
  • Renewable energy, storage, and off-grid systems
  • Global adjustment mitigation strategies

We will work with you to take your project from concept through design & construction, to successful commissioning. With Paragon, you’re in good hands.

“I have enjoyed working with The Paragon Group on several projects. I receive knowledgeable and professional service that I can count on to complete the
projects efficiently.”

– John Berg, Master Electrician, Current Electric Renewable Installations

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Renewable Energy

Energy prices have been on the rise in Ontario for many years. Renewable energy self-generation is the way for your business to reduce operating costs as well as environmental footprint.

Paragon can help. We partner with our clients to study feasibility, prepare financial analysis, and provide design services. Such services may include utility interconnection, permitting & environmental approvals, detailed design, assistance with equipment & supplier selection, construction support, or commissioning, as needed.

Paragon has extensive experience with many types of renewable energy, including energy storage, solar, wind, biogas, and biomass generation systems. Let us help you with the energy independence you want.

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“The Paragon Group is always there for us. Every phone call, every email gets
looked after right away. If they don’t have the answer they will do the digging
and find it for you. We do all of our work with the Paragon Group and there
really isn’t anyone else we would go with.”

– Robin Kent, Vice-President, KBRE Ltd.


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Greenhouses facilities have an increasing market demand in Ontario. If you are planning a facility expansion, we can help. We will work with you to anticipate your power needs, design flexible power systems for your operation and help develop the most cost-effective solution.

Some of the power systems we have designed include:

  • Grow lights
  • HVAC
  • Dehumidification
  • CO2 generation & distribution
  • Controls
  • Backup systems

“The Paragon Group has proven invaluable during the expansion of our Strathroy facility, anticipating our energy needs well in advance of when we need the power. [They] have been highly responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.”

– Dr Luc C Duchesne, PhD CEO, GSN Dreamworks Inc

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About Paragon Engineering Services

The Paragon Group was founded in 2015, with a passion to provide engineering excellence to all our customers. Since then, we have been involved in a wide array of energy projects, all with the singular focus of partnering with our clients to design energy solutions to meet their specific needs.

Proven Experience

  • Design of 8 MW utility-connected substation
  • Energy design of a 12-acre growing facility
  • Energy Studies covering over 2,500,000 ft2 of ICI building space
  • More than 30 MW of renewable energy projects

Project Management

Project Management of many energy projects including owner’s engineering, project feasibility, design, utility interconnection, independent reviews, and commissioning.

Financial Savings

Financial analysis of projects including budgeting, risk-management, and cash-flow analysis.

Data Driven Results

Real-time energy management systems to identify and quantify detailed energy and control strategies for targeted equipment.


Wide industry involvement including clients in provincial & municipal governments, schools, health care facilities, first nations, growers, cannabis, as well as private industrial and commercial buildings, and hospitality customers.

Trusted by Regulatory Bodies

Energy portfolios for six different municipalities in Ontario. Dozens of interconnected projects with The Independent Electricity System Operator, Hydro One Networks Inc., and many other LDCs.

From the Founder

I was fortunate to have the experience growing up on an off-grid farm in Bruce County, Ontario. Our farm was powered by a single wind turbine and a battery array made of car batteries, which was considered quite innovative for the 80’s. It did mean, however, that if the wind didn’t blow for a few days, we had no lights for reading and an early bedtime for everyone.

In those early days of off-grid renewable energy, the farm’s electrical supply & distribution system could be a bit temperamental at times. So, from a young age I understood the impact that an energy system has on the ability for a farm (or any other facility) to carry out its purpose, as well as the importance of good planning, reliability, and redundancy.

Working on the farm taught me work ethic – pulling 16-hour days during planting & harvest because that’s what the farm needed. And even during the slower seasons, there was always something that needed to be done, so I wore different hats, learning many different skills. I have always appreciated these valuable lessons.

I graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2004, and received my professional engineering license (and designation) in 2009.

Upon graduation and previous to starting The Paragon Group, I held several positions providing the opportunity to learn the relationship between energy, efficiency, and operations.

Paragon was initially founded with the purpose of promoting responsible stewardship of the earth, through responsible and sustainable energy practices. Paragon has successfully completed many conservation & renewable energy projects, and continues to undertake new & exciting projects in these fields.

Since then, Paragon’s purpose has expanded to include assisting small and mid-sized companies in achieving their financial goals through better energy systems. Thereby supporting gainful employment for a stronger middle-class.

I have a passion for helping my clients achieve their goals, anticipating their needs, and working closely with them to develop the ideal energy system to help grow their business.


Micah Jarvis, CMVP, P.Eng.
The Paragon Group

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What Our Clients Say

“We have worked with the Paragon Group on several projects and have always found them to be professional and of the highest integrity.”

- Aidan Foss, PhD, P.Eng., Principal, ANF Energy Solutions

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“The Paragon Group has provided efficient, detailed and knowledgeable service on Planning, Coordinating the key players, vendors, and suppliers involved from concept to completion of many Solar Projects. It is a pleasure to work with Micah. He gives prompt attention to questions and is a valuable member of the team in organizing the engineering and completion of projects.”

- Stephen Self, P.Eng., Partner, Bakker Concrete & Excavation

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“The Paragon Group provided me with a high-quality product, asking relevant questions to validate and confirm my detailed specification, to ensure that my requirements were thoroughly met. The organization is prompt to respond and deliver, courteous, and treats me as a valued client. Accordingly, I recommend The Paragon Group for P.Eng. electrical and mechanical engineering expertise and quality.”

- Doug Fyfe, Principal, DMF Technology Applications

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“Micah and the Paragon Group have been like a Sherpa on this wind project –getting us past some daunting pitfalls, and not shying away from the heavy lifting when needed. With The Paragon Group alongside us, we feel we’re in good shape to get to our goal.”

- Shane Mulligan, General Manager, LIFE Co-operative

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“We have been working with Micah with The Paragon Group for several years now and I can personally attest to the value he can bring to any project. He always has a customer first mentality and is extremely professional in the way he conducts himself."

- Darren Jones, Business Development TerraGen Solar

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“The best part of working with Paragon Group was their expertise and knowledge, they made sure we understood the process for our environmental audit, and provided technical clarification and direction on our upgrade projects.”

- Jessica Bayne, Governance Coordinator, Meals on Wheels

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“The Paragon Group is always there for us. Every phone call, every email gets looked after right away. If they don’t have the answer they will do the digging and find it for you. We do all of our work with the Paragon Group and there really isn’t anyone else we would go with.”

- Robin Kent, Vice-President, KBRE Ltd.

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“The Paragon Group has provided us with quality work, and has also been a tremendous resource. I appreciate being able to pick up the phone and speak with Micah directly.”

- Rick Dallan, General Manager, Sourcetec Energy

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